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The Media and the Senate - Part 2

This is reference to this post last week about the Senate's closed door session about the intelligence failures leading up to the invasion of Iraq.

Well, Fox posted the article this morning.  They decided to quote me and Chris Missick but not American Soldier.  AS didn't want to have his quotes dissected for the intent of the article.  While Fox used two or three sentences from a 30 minute interview with me, it's accurate in context around the quotes:

Democrats Get Ready to Pounce in 2006

Sunday, November  06, 2005
By Jane Roh

With off-year elections moments away and 2006's midterm election fast approaching, the curse of the second term seems to have taken hold of the White House, and Democrats are looking poised to pounce.

Democrats, who have been accused time and again of bitterness about the past and myopia in the present, would be wise not to invest all their political capital in the prewar intelligence debate, according to other war veterans.

"I can understand trying to vindicate that service and to respect the lives lost by trying to see if the intelligence before going in was correct, but to me it just seems so political," said Sgt. Chris Missick, a 25-year-old Army reservist who served in the war and runs the Line in the Sand blog.

"If I was over there right now reading the news, I'd say let's get the job done, get our guys home, and then let's figure it out," Missick said.

Matt, who runs the BlackFive blog and did not want his last name published, said he also did not see how the Senate shutdown might benefit the military in Iraq.

"It was more of a political hit to get some gain in the midterm elections than it was something that would help the troops. Of course we owe it to the families and the troops, but this is the third or fourth round...They should be making sure they have the weapons and equipment to fight the [expletive] war."

Both he and Missick also said they were skeptical of the Senate Democrats' motives.

"When there was all this yelling about body armor, where were they? Instead, you've got civilians like myself figuring out how we can help the troops. The posturing is a little ridiculous," Matt said...


Well, at least they didn't use too many [expletive] I wrote last week, this stuff is irritating at best.  At the time of the interview, I just finished talking with a few parents who had lost their sons.  I wasn't prepared to hear about how certain Senators "care".

[expletive] 'em.