Iraqis OK terror and ask for timetable, right?


I'm thankful that I woke up this morning hearing my fifteen month old daughter say "puppy" in the cutest voice ever, over and over from her crib.  Beautiful.

I'm thankful that my son was arguing with his best friend over who's dad was cooler.  Friend's dad is a fireman.  That's pretty darn cool.  Fully expecting to hear my son brag about his dad's paratrooper days, my son says proudly, "Yeah, well my dad works with computers." 

I'm thankful that Chief Steve came home in one piece.  I'm thankful that some of my friends (Crazy Andy, Buddha, Onionhead, and Jeremiah Johnson) are kicking Taliban ass in Afhganistan and terrorist butt in Iraq.

Finally, I'm thankful that there are Soldiers and Marines and Airmen and Sailors that do their duty.  And the families that love and support them.  Words cannot express how very grateful I am...

My children sleep safely at night because of them.  And I'll never forget it.