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Last Night I Met A Hero - Godspeed SFC Cashe


First, read this - Last Night I Met A Hero.  It's a must read.

On October 17th, an IED set a 1st/15th Infantry Regiment (3rd BDE, 3rd ID) Brad on fire.  The ramp jammed trapping the infantry squad inside.

Specialist Darren Howe, himself burning in the drivers seat, piloted the Brad away from the ambush site before trying to exit the vehicle.  Suffering second and third degree burns, he went back in the burning vehicle to pull his buddies out.  He helped get almost everyone out.  Six members of the squad were burned badly, and one was still trapped inside.

Staff Sergeant George "A-Train" Alexander was featured here a few weeks ago.

Sergeant Michael “Doc Rob” Robertson was the crew member who could not make it out of the burning Bradley. 

Sergeant First Class Alwyn Cashe, the Bradley's Commander, already burned badly, rushed back into the burning BFV to save his squad's medic, Doc Robertson.  He's the hero that the Air Force surgeon met that night and declared him a hero.

Staff Sergeant Alexander died of his wounds on October 22nd.

Sergeant Robertson died of his wounds on October 25th.

Specialist Howe, who was going to try out for Special Forces after his tour in Iraq was over, died of his wounds on November 3rd.

I received an email late last night, that SFC Cashe had passed on, surrounded by his family.  Words cannot express my sorrow at this.


Howe and Cashe were able to save the others.  The rest of the squad survived.  Specialists Ray Salerno and Gary Mills are  still at Brooke in San Antonio.  The others have been released and will recover.

Thoughts and prayers for the families of Howe, Alexander, Robertson, and Cashe are needed as are those for Salerno and Mill's recovery and the squad's well-being.

Alpha Company, 1st/15th Infantry - "Hard Rock!" - needs some Spiritual Warfare.