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Is Zarqawi Dead?

Maybe.  Maybe not.

There are all kinds of reports about the US checking the DNA of the bodies of seven or eight terrorists killed in a raid in northern Mosul.

Pure speculation:  Zarqawi's latest attack on Jordan created a difficult situation for him.  After the attack, his family and tribe denounced him and sent a call for all in the tribe to withdraw support for him.

It's quite possible that his attack on the hotels in Amman led to his own people informing on his whereabouts.  His own zealous rage against the royal family of Jordan might have been his undoing.

One can hope.

And the air and ground resources used to take down (only) 8 bastards also indicates that the target was thought to be very, very important.  And these particular terrorists decided to kill themselves to avoid capture.  Not your run of the mill Sunni insurgents - definitely more Al Qaeda like.

The 101st Airborne has smoked a lot of terrorists (and they were the ones that cooked Uday and Qusay with the extra crispy recipe).  They're in the area.  I'd be very happy with the fact that they took down some more terrorist bastards...

No proof of that, yet, but one can hope.

Update:  Receiving information that it appears that he's alive.  More to follow.

Update 2:  Nothing concrete, yet.  CounterTerrorism Blog is very skeptical and says wait for forensic evidence. Sound advice.