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Happy Birthday, Marines!

Chris sends this piece of history to honor my brothers and sisters in the United States Marine Corps (Happy 230th Birthday!):

Tun Tavern, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
November 10th 1775

Captains Nicholas and Mullens, having been tasked by the 2nd Continental Congress to form 2 battalions of Marines, set up the Corps' first recruiting station in the tavern.

The first likely prospect was, in typical recruiters fashion, promised a "life of high adventure in service to Country and Corps".  And, as an extra bonus:  If he enlisted now he would receive a free tankard of ale....

The recruit gladly accepted the challenge and, receiving the free tankard of ale, was told to wait at the corner table for orders.

The first Marine sat quietly at the table sipping the ale when he was joined by another young man, who had two tankards of ale.

The first Marine looked at the lad and asked where he had gotten the two tankards of ale?

The lad replied that he had just joined this new outfit called the Continental Marines, and as an enlistment bonus was given two tankards of ale.

The first Marine took a long hard look at the second Marine and said, " it wasn't like that in the old Corps"

Enjoy the day and the night, Marines!