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Generals of yesterday and today

There's no doubt that like any other executive section, there are Generals in the military both good and bad.

At Michelle Malkin's site, Betsy Newmark from Betsy's Page alerts us to an editorial from the NY  freakin' Times that has yet to be corrected from June.  I know, I know,  you are just shocked that the NYT got it wrong again.  It's about leadership and the military.  John in Carolina debunks it - please check it out.

But there's also the connotation that more modern generations don't have their Pattons, Bradley's etc.

Start naming names, people.

General Peter Schoomaker - Brought out of retirement to be Chief of Staff of the Army when three or four others turned it down.  Good man with a mess on his hands that he's been fixing everyday.

General Wayne Downing - nobody's political monkey.  Downing led a lot of changes in the SOCOM community in several different administrations and changes in Congress.

I didn't know him personally, but, from hearing friends talk about him, I'm quite sure that I'd follow Marine Lieutenant General Mattis into hell carrying a gasoline can.

If ever there was a modern day Patton, I think it would be Gen Mattis.

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