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CSI Baghdad

Friday Freefly- Can't we all just get some funny?

Ok people,

I think we all have had enough argumentation, disagreementizing and all the bad mojo that goes along with it. Between the war on terror, the Plame game, Supreme issues, and supposed meanness to terrorist prisoners, I have had enough.

So today's Friday Freefly is all about the funny and the happy happy joy joy, with bunny-safe stories, sweetness and light and the milk of human kindness reflected in every word (mostly). I have scoured the depths of the Uncle Jimbo vaults for the least offensive things I have written. For today (or most of it) I foreswear all(most all) rancor, and instead present some of the more ridiculous and occasionally entertaining things I have seen. So forget about the idiots in the news and welcome the idiots I knew. While you are letting the badness go, get yourself some good Karma by helping the Valour-IT cause.

Disclaimer: I don't do actual funny, comedy style, for that consult a professional:

IMAO (Nobody but Frank believes it's In My "Arrogant" Opinion)
Protein Wisdom (although Jeff has been doing that wicked smart thing lately)


My tales are epics about the incredible ignorance and stupidity our elite fighting forces are capable of. All resemblances to fools, morons and buffoons are unintentional, but unavoidable.

Most enjoyable brawls I have watched
This is an extended version of the first thing I ever wrote that was posted on the internets courtesy of Matty O' Blackfive.

The A Team in support of the SF Weapons Sergeant
This requires no special, Special Forces knowledge, just imagine the most arrogant clown you know and substitute me, the weapons god.

Spanky & the Shark
A reminder of just exactly how invincible we used to (not) be.

Frequent Drizzle
Insurgency/Counter-Insurgency training again involving deadly animal life. Part deux follows if you fancied the first bit.

Skydiving 101- Violators mount up
A primer on exactly how not to make your first skydive

I hope you get at least a grin out of something here. I am full to the brim with being disgusted at all the disgusting things going on in the world, so join me in deciding to let the jerks, dumbasses, and evil swine be for a bit. Believe me, there will be plenty of time to hate on them later.


Continuing his magazine cover funny, John Little of Blogs of War has Mike Brown- Fashion God