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CIA facility leak- Treason or just hypocrisy?

Hello folks,

I am Uncle Jimbo and am happy to be giving Matt some free time to edit the Milblogging book. Matt ranks as my blogfather, like many of us, and I write a blog called Military Matters at madison.com the website that hosts both newspapers in Madison, WI.

So now that the Plame game has ended, we get a blazing dose of hypocrisy/treason from the Washington Post. Their reporter Dana Priest has written a story about the fact that the CIA is doing it's job by scarfing up and then interrogating bad guys, and OH MY GOD, they do it in secret. Apparently in this idiot's perfect world the CIA would operate under the watchful eye of journalists and that way ensure that nothing untoward or degrading happens. Odds are these facilities were put into operation under a Presidential National Security finding for the express purpose of keeping them secret. Frog Marching is too good for this clown, Heck hangin's too good for him too.

This story contains leaked classified information from many sources and, unlike the non-exposure of Plame is actually harmful to CIA operations and harms us all around the world. After all the crying, whining, wailing and gnashing of teeth from the monolithic left about how awful it was that a leak about an ex-agent happened we have this.

Hmmm I wonder how this will get covered? I wonder if there will be an investigation to see who in the CIA is still working to actively undermine the efforts to prosecute our war against the jihadis? I kinda' doubt it and that is just pathetic. Following on the Gulfstream rendition plane stories, which once again actually hurt CIA operations we get this direct assault on our ability to conduct covert operations, and this time it actually causes direct harm to them. What does Dana Priest think the CIA ought to do when they catch a truly heinous terrorist, call Amnesty International or the Red Cross?

I am truly stunned that the WaPo feels it is proper to expose the operational tactics of the CIA after months on end editorializing about Rove and Libby and the horrible damage they did "outing" a blown agent. This is the most blatant hypocrisy I have seen in recent days. No one on the left got the Fitzmas they were looking for so now it is open season to try and undermine the administration's efforts to keep all of us safe, treasonous WaPo reporters included. I wonder how Dana would like to have his chance to work as a journalist under the loving care of the jihadis we are holding and interrogating at these locations. Oh wait, they don't allow a free press, or free speech, or human rights. What does this jackass think he is accomplishing by purposefully hamstringing our intel apparatus at a time when we need to increase our abilities?

This perfectly illustrates why I fear government by liberals, they want to inject touchy-feely sweetness and light into what necessarily has to be the dark alleys where true covert ops occur. I am certain we are doing nasty things to nasty people in nasty places around the globe, we are supposed to. They started a global jihad and if we sit by we will see the Middle East and eventually all the world returned to those grand old days of the 12th Century. We fight this war on many fronts and Priest and all the fellow travelers on the left blanch at the thought we might be putting panties on a mass murdering scumbag and denying him his Red Cross packages. I am edging toward that incoherent rage that I get when I am faced with such a clueless idiot in a position to do so much harm.

I call for an secret investigation to see who leaked this to Priest and whether they also leaked info during the pre-war time frame attempting to discredit the administration. But here's the kicker none of us clowns without clearances get to see the results and those caught disappear to the same places just leaked. There they can learn first hand just how much damage they have done. I would truly love to watch Mr. Priest get the full-on treatment and see how long before he caved and gave up his sources. I'm guessing less than two days using only the treatment approved for the training I was subjected to at Ft. Bragg. Heck I would pay money to watch it.

So I expect all our principled lefties to stand up and join me in denouncing this heinous and quite possibly treasonous leaking of highly classified information that has badly hurt our intel capabilities worldwide. Stand up folks or hear about it from me.