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Rumsfeld announces withdrawal from Iraq

Chris Mathews "The person on the other side is not evil."

Michelle Malkin has a must read post where the Edmonton Sun quotes Chris Matthews as saying that we need to understand the perspective of the terrorists because they are not evil...they just have a different perspective.

I checked the whole article.  Not taken out of context. 


Update:  It must be a full court press.  Reprisals for Friday's vote?  Here's John Cole at Balloon Juice about attacks on our troops from Think Progress and the Kos-sack - bottom line is that they believe that our troops are war criminals.

Update 2:  James Lileks on Kurt Vonnegut losing his mind in his war against the Bush Administration by embracing of the terrorists...Read it.  I've been reading Lileks for years and this post is why...(he also provides a GPBQOTD - a gratuitious Princess Bride Quote of the Day).