Protect Afghan Kids This Winter
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Carnival of the Badger- Huntin' & Killin' w/ Uncle Jimbo

Greetings from Wisconsin, where my thermometer reads 13 degrees, think on that and read Matt's post below about winter clothes for Afghan kids.

I am hosting the Carnival of the Badger at my home haunts and invite you all over for a taste. We have a very lively state and politics is always in play. The carnival is a combo of views from the left and right as we have an almost 50/50 mix here. There are a number of topics discussed, but in honor of the opening of Deer season this Saturday I lead off with Midnight Elk Ambush:

""There's no way we can get busted" was Andy's reasoning and somehow that mattered much more than the local, state and federal laws we were about to break. I had been back from Okinawa for about a year and was with 1st Special Forces Group at Ft. Lewis, Wa. I was on my second trip bowhunting for elk in the Cascades with a group of 14 including 6 with some derivation of the name James. This was a group that had been hunting together for decades and I was happy to be with folks who knew where the animals were and how to turn them into lunch. "

The rest of Midnight Elk Ambush and Carnival of the Badger here