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Bloggers and the Senate

Captain Brett sends this link about some highly regarded civilian military bloggers that will be speaking at the Senate tomorrow:

Senator Santorum to Join Bloggers in Highlighting Efforts of Armed Forces Serving in Iraq SRC Launches Initiative to Highlight Efforts of U.S. Service Members Serving in Iraq Washington, D.C. - Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA), Chairman of the Senate Republican Conference, will hold a press conference to highlight the individual efforts of our men and women in uniform serving in Iraq. Four independent civilian military bloggers will share firsthand accounts of the efforts of our Armed Forces in fighting the Global War on Terror and protecting the homeland.
Senator Santorum will also give a brief presentation of unique Senate features available on the Senate Republican Conference’s website that will highlight stories and narratives of our men and women in uniform serving in Iraq.

Michael Yon, independent civilian military blogger,
Bill Roggio, independent civilian military blogger,
Steve Schippert, independent civilian military blogger,
Andi Carol, independent civilian military blogger,

Mike Yon's latest dispatch talks about his role tomorrow.