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Visit To Walter Reed

Right now, I don't have enough time to do justice about what I witnessed and experienced with a few of the guys at WRAMC.

But what I can tell you, what I should confer, to all of you who sent me emails about being concerned that it would be difficult - emotionally - to visit the wounded, let me tell you that it was both difficult and easy (easy because the Soldiers are so great to talk to).  By far, the easiest thing in the world.

I met Travis Barton who will lose his hand soon.  Read this about him.  He was in the 2nd ID's 503rd.  He's dealing with his situation very well and is one of the most mature and smartest guys I've met in a long time (mark my words, someday he'll own a multi-state chain of gun shops).  The Army will definitely be the worse for losing a Soldier like Travis.  And, unfortunately, he had his coin collection stolen.  He had some serious major coins given to him and now they are gone.  I gave him the coin I've kept for fifteen years that was given to me by the SecDef.  He didn't want to take it but I insisted.  He deserves it more than I do.

And I met Jason Braase who has a hole in his tibia from an IED and is healing rapidly.  And he's one lucky guy - and I think that he's going to be okay (jury is still out but keep your fingers crossed).  And he's got a wonderful wife.  An absolutely amazing gal.   I found myself trying to talk him into going through ROTC when he's healed.  He's the kind of guy you'd want next to you or you'd follow.

Both unfortunately and fortunately, the weather was soooo great in DC on Saturday, that just about everyone was out and about so I was not able to hand off your comments for James Donaldson - he was out enjoying the day with his family.  However, Jason Braase is a pal of his and they were in the same company (from Idaho) so I printed the Comments and gave them to Jason to give them to Donaldson.  He'll get them.

Miraculous.  Every one of them is miraculous.

I'll follow up with more when I can devote the time to a post that is worthy of them.

And I owe a big thank you to Chris from Soldiers' Angels who facilitated the visit.  Unfortunately and fortunately, Chris is leaving a successful legal career to go to OCS.  The Army will be lucky to have him but the folks at Walter Reed will miss him.