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Someone Who Cares - Mrs. Andrea Ulm

Howdy.  Subsunk again, guest blogging with B5's permission.  This next one is about a very special lady, who we should all try to be like:

"Andrea Ulm’s first year of marriage to Staff Sgt. Jamie Ulm was not spent in typical newlywed bliss.

Three months after their November 2004 wedding, her husband was sent to Iraq as part of the U.S. Army’s bomb squad unit.

When he left on Valentine’s Day, little did the new bride know that she would soon be making daily visits to Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Nor did she realize that the hundreds of hours she spent visiting wounded soldiers would help her cope with her husband’s absence and his very dangerous job."

When you read a little further, you come to this:

"............ although Doyne’s mother stayed with him at Walter Reed, Andrea Ulm felt compelled to be there for him, too. ‘‘I wouldn’t have expected anything less,” her husband said. ‘‘She is very caring and wants to give as much as she can to people.”

During her evening and weekend visits, Ulm took note of the many wounded soldiers who had no family or friends nearby and made sure to make time for them, too.

One mother who flew across the country to be with her son, Ulm said, had seven other children at home. Many families do not have the resources to stay with their injured loved ones for more than a few days.

‘‘It’s really sad,” she said. ‘‘A lot of them don’t really push themselves in physical therapy because there is no one to visit. We would take cookies around and try to spend time with them. Some of them just don’t want to talk at all.”

Just read the whole thing.  Thanks, Mrs. Ulm.