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MilBlogs - Blackfive's Favorites

This is a repost - I usually put this post up when I'm going to talk about MilBlogs with the Media. 

Below are some of my favorite Military Bloggers - they all have a lot of good content and are worth your time to read.  BTW, if you know any that I'm missing, be sure to send an email (the Brit and Canadian MilBloggers included).

Army In Iraq
SFC Kevin Kelly's Dixie Sappers (closing down)
Thunder Six's 365 and a wakeup
Red 2 Alpha's This Is Your War
Major K's Strength and Honor
Lt Currie's Sic Vis Pace, Para Bellum
Who's Your Baghdaddy
My Vacation in Iraq
A Day In Iraq
Specialist Jason Pierce
Ma Deuce Gunner (Scouts OUT!)
Hello from Hell
Opinion Inc.
Sergeant Steven Kiel
Sapper Sergeant

Dog Hostage
Reverse Retina
Lance In Iraq
Middle of Nowhere and Two Feet from Hell
Phil and Becky
Jon Jivian
Ryan and Christie's Place
Intel Dump (Phil Carter - 101st ABN)

Army in Afghanistan
Firepower Forward
Argghhh! (has a contributor in the 'stan)
Going Down Range
Xavier's Life In X Minor
Sonny Louie
The Hooker and His Girl

More MilBlogs in Iraq and Afghanistan and elsewhere listed in the Extended Section:

Armor Geddon (OIF Vet)
Jay's News From Baghdad (OIF Vet)
Sergeant E's Foxholes and Dogtags (in Kosovo)
American Soldier (heading to Iraq)
Grey Eagle's A Female Soldier's Story (heading to Iraq)
Watch Your Six (heading to Iraq)
Sgt Missick (OIF Vet)
The Questing Cat (OIF Vet - closing down)
Risawn (in Kosovo)
Airborne Combat Engineer
An American Soldier
Jim's All Expenses Paid Trip to Kosovo (in, um, Kosovo)
Jason Van Steenwyk's Counter Column (OIF Vet)
Chief Wiggles (OIF Vet)
Fix Bayonets
Amber's ambotchka (OIF Vet)
Tim Schmoyer's Sisyphean Musings
Andrew Olmstead
Alexander the Average (OIF & OEF Vet)
Bobby's World (OEF Vet in Korea)
In Iraq for 365 (OIF Vet)
Dogtulosba, ink. (Army Airborne Combat Engineer)
Darth VOB (Deploying soon)
Blog Machine City (OIF Vet)
Assumption of Command (OIF Vet)
Boots on the Ground (OIF Vet)
Sergeant Lizzie (OIF Vet)
Chuck at TC Override (OIF Vet)
Jean-Paul Borda (OEF Vet)

Marines In Iraq
Joshua Seevers
Hurl (the other Marine Cobra Pilot...)
LtCol Dave Bellon's Green Side
Hello Iraq
Team Med-fah
Warrior's Voice

Mike the Marine's From the Halls to the Shores
Warrior's Voice (OIF Vet)
Southern Appeal's Joel Leggett (OIF Vet)
Howdy (OIF Vet)

Joe Kane's AbleKane Blog (OIF Vet)
Sean Dustman's Doc in the Box (OIF Vet)
Smash (the Indepundit and OIF Vet)
Commander Salamander
Neptunus Lex
Hamilton's Pamphlets

Air Force
Greyhawk's Mudville Gazette (OIF Vet)
Sgt. Stryker's Daily Brief
Dude, Where's the Beach?
Slaglerock's Slaughterhouse

Special Operations Bloggers
Froggy Ruminations (SEAL)
SF Alpha Geek (SF - OEF Vet)
Uncle Jimbo (SF Vet)
JB's Sanctuary (SF)
Jack Army (SF)
Michael Yon (SF Vet - now an embedded blogger in Iraq)

Spouse and Family and Friends Blogs
Trying to Grok
Stryker Brigade News
Iraq War News
The Patriette
Letters to Iraq
Air Force Family
Kit Jarrell (also USAF vet)
Soldier's Mom
Until He Comes Home
An American In Italy
Military Bride
Homefront Six
Andi's World (Hell on Heels!)
Villainous Company
Electric Venom
Margi Lowry
The Carrasquillos
Most Certainly Not
A Texan Abroad
The Grass Isn't Greener

Veteran MilBloggers
Bill Roggio (Army)
Adventures of Chester (Marine)
Bill Faith's Small Town Veteran (USAF Vietnam)
Grim's Hall (Marine)
2Slick's Forum (Army Pilot OIF I&II Veteran)
Baldilocks (USAF Reserves)
Fred Schoeneman (Army)
Outside the Beltway (Army)
The Gun Line (Marine)
One Hand Clapping (Army)
TacJammer (Army)
Straight White Guy (Marine)
Technography (Army)
Tom the Friendly Ghost (Army)
USMC_Vet's The Word Unheard (Marine)
Doc Russia's Bloodletting (Marine)
Major Mike (Marine)
Major Dad 1984 (Army)
Tobacco Joe at Cadillac Tight (Army)

Brit MilBloggers
Airstrip One
David Terron (retired Highland Warrior)

Canadian MilBloggers
Martin in Afghanistan (just returned home)

Bloggers KIA
Bob Zangas
Francisco Martinez