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During a brief break from staining my new backyard fence this weekend, I visited Chap's blog - Chapomatic - and found a bunch of posts that you should read.  Chap's on fire lately (and that's tough to do when you're a submariner)...

I think that, for the most part, you all know where I stand on this.  At some point, you have to pick sides.  Not choosing a side is choosing not to be on our side.

Update: Greyhawk at the Mudville Gazette compares some good reporting with those of the staged terrorist stories from the AP.

Update 2:  For some reason some lefty bloggers are taking the choosing sides statement to mean choosing parties.  It's not about choosing parties - it's about the American media supporting the soldier and the war effort.  It's not about the media toeing the line for Rumsfeld - it's about the media telling the truth about the war and not taking their cues from terrorists.  It's not about being Right or Left - it's about making sure the soldiers come home to a grateful nation.  It's not about Cindy Sheehan - it's about Casey Sheehan.  We have thousands of war heroes.  Can you name twenty?  Ten?  Five?

Um, note to those who are not following along - we are at war.  Together as Americans, we are at war.  Whether you like it or not.  Whether you voted for Bush or not.  We. Are. At. War.

How about supporting our side for a change?

Update 3:  To help clarify my position, I'll post some other pieces that have referenced the media.

Aiding and Abetting

Stealing Their Honor

Airman Angry at the Media

There's many, many more - just Google Blackfive and media, or Counter Column and media (Nice CC post here about Chap's posts), or Mudville and media...or this piece about the AP and Reuters.

Update 4:  If you send a trackback to my post without actually linking to the post, I'll delete the trackback.  People only do that when they are trolling for visits or to get into a flame war - neither of which is appreciated here.