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Help Soldiers' Angels Give Our Heroes A Happy Holiday

I received this important message from Don McKay of Soldiers' Angels:

It is that time of year again. Soldiers’ Angels has been busy for the last couple months organizing and collecting donations of items to include in our annual Holidays for Heroes stocking drive! It is a special time of year and we can only imagine how difficult it is for our brave men and women to spend this time away from their loved ones. Our desire is to reach out and bring a little piece of home to them so that they know they are not forgotten, especially at this time of the year.

Unfortunately, Soldiers’ Angels, along with many other charitable groups, is really feeling the pinch in donations this year. This is due to many factors including Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and now Wilma, along with high gas prices and uncertainty in our economic well being, not to mention our safety. Soldiers’ Angels needs help desperately raising funds so that we can make sure our brave soldiers have the holiday they deserve. Without your help and that of other generous Americans, we will not be able to reach our goals. We will have soldiers who do not hear anything from home. Some will be on the front lines in Iraq or Afghanistan; some will be in a hospital bed in Germany. We can’t let this happen.

Can you help?  What do we need? Cash! We need monetary donations, and we need them today!!! Please make checks payable to Soldiers’ Angels and send them to:

Soldiers’ Angels
Holiday for Heroes
1792 East Washington Blvd
Pasadena, CA  91104

Or if you prefer, you can send your donation through PayPal. Simply go to and send your donation to [email protected]. Be sure to enter HOLIDAY FOR HEROES in the comments section so that you donation can be applied appropriately.

Anything will help. $1, $5, $10, $100… Please give of your hearts so that our brave men and women in uniform – our heroes – hear from us loud and clear this holiday season that we support them and care about them.

Anything you can do to help is appreciated. If you have any questions, please email me at [email protected]. Feel free to visit our website at

There's more intiatives from Soldiers' Angels as well.