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Colonel William Bernhard - Someone You Should Know

Marine Major John Piedmont - a Field Historian for the Marine Corps - sent along this story, courtesy of Marine LtCol Covert's The Daily Grind about an Army doctor who has also served as a Marine and a Naval Officer.

...My very last interview was with Colonel William N. Bernhard, M.D., Brigade Surgeon for the 155th.

Colonel Bernhard is 74 years old, and originally enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1950. He was medically discharged from the Corps in 1951, which he steadfastly claims was life's greatest disappointment. Unhappy as a civilian, he pursued a career with the Naval Medical Corps and by 1963, was honorably discharged as a Lieutenant Commander (0-4). Still in love with the military lifestyle, then LCDR Bernhard approached the Army Reserves...

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