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Burning Bodies - Part II

Euphoric Reality has a post about a civilian contractor being burned alive by some Sunnis...

And Jason Van Steenwyk did the research that the MSM should've done and actually read the manual that applies for the Geneva Convention - the soldiers are covered.

But did they burn the bodies for hygiene reasons?

Today, according to the Australian reporter, Stephen Dupont, they did:

Story 'out of proportion'

October 24, 2005 THE Australian photojournalist who recorded footage in Afghanistan of US soldiers burning the bodies of two Taliban fighters said yesterday the story had been "blown out of proportion" by the international media.

Stephen Dupont's footage was first broadcast on SBS on Wednesday night and has since been used across the world, triggering a criminal investigation in the US. "The footage was taken (from SBS) and used all over the world. It's been blown out of proportion because the international media has tried to sensationalise things," Mr Dupont said. "Once it got out it's just gone crazy."

US soldiers set alight the bodies of two dead Taliban soldiers after they began to stink...

Update:  As Wind Rider points out, Jason Coleman has an interesting and extensive take on the entire situation.