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Bruce Willis and Deuce Four

Bruce Willis, military supporter, actor and musician, will be attending the Deuce Four (1-24) Ball this weekend to demonstrate his support for LTC Kurilla's battalion.

Michael Yon will be there, too, and writes about the upcoming event.

Paying Respect To Those Who've Earned It
...Nearly 600 soldiers were killed or wounded from the 1st Brigade (Stryker), 25th Infantry Division, while fighting in Iraq. I visited the newly built 1st Brigade Memorial, and as I read the names of the fallen etched in the granite face of the memorial, I was humbly reminded of the great price our soldiers continue to pay for my freedom to write and to speak.

I look forward to spending the next week with American soldiers at Fort Lewis and attending the Deuce Four Ball on November 5th. Both Bruce Willis and I are honored to be invited. I will write a full report after the occasion...