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Who Wants to Help?

Compiled from many reports, this list has the offers of aid from foreign governments as of Sunday, September 4th (I'll try to keep it updated).  While the media is quick to point out that Cuba and Venezuela were among the first to offer aid, I am pretty sure (based on time of the offers) that the first real offer and committment came from our friends, the Aussies and the Brits.

Australia - eight million dollars.

France - emergency supplies, including tents, blankets, cooking equipment and camp-beds.

Britain - 500,000 military (meals) rations.

Germany - 25 tons of food.

Italy - 15,000 First Aid Kits, along with infant food, blankets, pumps, water-purifying devices and inflatable rafts.

Kuwait - 500 million dollars in oil products.

Qatar - 100 million dollars.

Canada - thousands of camp-beds, blankets and medical supplies.  A Canadian Coast Guard ship is bringing 1,000 troops.

Afghanistan (that's right, Afghanistan) - 100,000 dollars.

Indonesia (one of the countries hit by the Tsunami) - 40 medical doctors.

Korea - 30 million dollars.

Norway - 1.6 million dollars.

Sri Lanka (one of the countries hit by the Tsunami) - 25,000 dollars.

China - five million dollars.

Cuba - doctors, 25 tons of medicine and emergency supplies.

Netherlands (Holland) - Inspectors/Engineers to inspect the levies (go figure).

Israel - sending doctors and military support.

Venezuela - doctors, oil products (at cost), and emergency supplies.

Japan - an emergency rescue team.

India - five million dollars, essential medicines and water purification systems.

The Philippines - a 25-member team of aid workers (doctors, nurses, sanitary engineers).

Mexico - 15 tons of water, food and medicine.

Iran has offered to send aid.

The UN is offering their coordination of the international relief.  (no, I didn't get that from Scrappleface).