Godspeed John Flynn
Captain Scott Southworth - Someone You Should Know


ThunderSix at 365 and a wakeup posts the tributes to three soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice in Iraq...

...There are over 300000 words in the English language, but I can’t find one to best describe SGT Mike Sonoda. There is nothing I can say that would make his death more tolerable, or less painful. When Mike died serving his God and country, but most of all he fought for us… to keep us safe. Every time he went on patrol he went out with the intent to find IEDs. With the intent to catch terrorists. So that when the rest of us went out we would be safe...

Thunder Six is probably one of the best writers in the MilBlog arena, but he doesn't hold a candle to the troops' tributes of three fallen heroes - the tributes are both heartbreaking and amazing at the same time.