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[Cindy Sheehan gets arrested]

Instead of delivering a message, the leftwing whackos seem to be having a Wile E. Coyote moment.  I'd enjoy it if I didn't think that these folks were as unhinged as they seem to be...

First, in case you hadn't seen it, Greyhawk takes the playbook from the DailyKossack and let's you decide if it was followed or not...(I had a good laugh)

And Smash describes the implosion of various anti-war and anti-everything groups at a San Diego's just a small part of it:

...CARL MUHAMMED takes his turn at the podium, lecturing us about the deep-seated racism in American society. “You may think that you’re open-minded, but you still haven’t confronted the racism you hold in your hearts.” This from a man who just minutes earlier had been waving a Palestinian flag at a mob of angry Jews...