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Godspeed Major Tom Miller

The Katrina Blame Game

Politicians that want to protect their jobs and people that want to take advantage of the poor response to the disaster are playing the Katrina Blame Game (Chrenkoff has a Part 2 of quotes about Katrina here).

Via Instapundit, here's the City of New Orleans Hurricane Plan.  You can see for yourself what was supposed to happen.  Also, here's the link to who persuaded an evacuation to happen at all.

Next, go read MilBlogger Jason Van Steenwyk's Counter-Column - he's got plenty about the logistics around getting military relief columns into New Orleans.  More on the politics of evacuations.  Keep scrolling.

I'm posting these for you to keep in the back of your mind as some are trying to turn this disaster into political hay already.  I'd like to see an official non-partisan evaluation of the planning and response around Katrina after we get everyone out of New Orleans and begin getting the Big Easy back on it's feet.

Update:  Be sure to check in at Mudville for more on this.

Update 2:  Teniace sends Ben Stein's column about the Katrina Blame Game and how it's bull$#!&.  Ben Stein has been a big supporter of our troops in the War on Terror and Deuce Four in particular.