Operation Iraqi Hope - Washington DC, September 23rd-26th
Colonel McMaster versus Time Magazine

Support the troops at Ft. Lewis

If you are in Washington DC, please see the post below on how to help counter the Code Pink protests at Walter Reed Army Hospital where our wounded Soldiers are recovering.

If you are in Washington state, this post is for you.

The Olympia Movement for Peace and Justice (anti-war) will march on Friday, September 23rd, from Olympia, WA, to the gates of Fort Lewis.

Fort Lewis is the home of some Strykers you know courtesy of Michael Yon.  The 1/24th (Deuce Four) and 1/25th Infantry Regiments are coming home after spending over a year in Mosul.

Friday's meeting (September 23rd) will be at the Overpass by Madigan Hospital and Camp Murray (Ft. Lewis) at 5pm.  Take exit 122 off of I-5.

Saturday's rally (September 24th) will be at the same place at 10am.

If you are around the Fort Lewis area be sure to help show support for our troops returning home.  Operation Support Our Troops has more information.

[Thanks to Dan S. for the info]