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New Orleans Police Chief Resigns

Eddie Compass has resigned as Superintendent of the New Orleans Police Department.

You may be wondering why I'm posting about this.  I did post a link to a MSNBC video of New Orleans Police looting a Wal-Mart.  I posted about the desertions on the police force (and praised the ones who stayed on duty throughout the madness in the aftermath of Katrina).

But the one reason that this guy should step down is because he and his security detail ran from armed thugs in the Superdome.  They ran when they should have served and protected.

..."It was anarchy inside that building," said Winfrey, who described a scene in which "gangs banded together and had more ammunition, at times, than the police."

The chief described a scene inside that placed him and his team in jeopardy.

"A couple of the gangsters recognized me and said, get (him)," Compass recalled. He and his security team high-tailed it out...

He and his (heavily armed) security team ran away from a couple of gangsters.  That's because they were worried more about saving their own skins than the people left in the Superdome.

[BTW, his quote about the gangsters may be exagerated as most of his statements about the state of New Orleans are being proved exagerations.]