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New Orleans Police Looting Video

In case you haven't seen it, Mike B. sends the link to this MSNBC video showing police looting a Wal-Mart (and then acting like they weren't looting).

Again, I said that we need to remember the ones who did their jobs in the disaster - anyone who had to associate with (work with, serve on the force with) the mensa-candidates looting this Wal-Mart has my deepest sympathy and regards.

Also, if the police were looting to get dry shoes and clothes to go back out and fight, I'm all for police looting.  If the police ran out of ammo and busted open a gun shop to continue to defend the city, I'm all for police looting.  If the police needed food and water, I'm all for the police looting the Wal-Mart.

Police shopping for goods, strolling through the freakin' store, taking all kinds of things that would not be classified as work-related?...They should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.  Those officers should've been out protecting the city rather than raping New Orleans themselves.