The Ones Who Stayed - New Orleans Police
Sean Penn - Major League @$$hat

In St. Louis..


...for one of the greatest baseball rivalries - Cubs and Cards.  My wife and in-laws are huge Cardinal fans so this should be interesting.  I wanted to see a game in Busch Stadium before it is replaced next year.

Of course, helping the victims of Katrina has been a big topic of conversation with our family - as I'm sure it is with you and yours.  We're going to continue to support Soldiers' Angels Katrina Soldier Relief Fund.  There are plenty of charities to chose from...

FYI - Northeastern Illinois University is accepting students affected by the disaster until September 10th.

Go Cubs!

Update 6pm:  Cubs lost.  It was a great game.  Touch and go all the way to the ninth.  Everytime that I go to see a St. Louis versus Chicago game (Cubs vs. Cards, Rams vs. Bears, Blues vs. Blackhawks) and my in-laws pay, Chicago loses.

I noticed that on the highways in St. Louis that, when the signs that are used to tell travel times are not used because of light traffic, the traffic time signs were broadcasting phone numbers of various relief agencies to help victims of Katrina.