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Sergeant Bozik - Update 17 - Prayers Needed

Gail Bozik, Sergeant Joseph Bozik's mother, sent this latest email with an important and somewhat somber update on Joey's status.

My heart is heavy with this email.  Joey is scheduled for surgery next Monday, August 8th, to have that ugly knee amputated.  If all goes well, two weeks later his right stump will have bone growth removed.  He cannot walk on the prosthetics with the pain he has and hopefully these surgeries will enable him to walk again.  We need your prayers and love.  I will be leaving on Saturday to drive to DC to be there through the surgeries and recovery.  Of course, Jayme is by his side 24/7; thank God for such a devoted and wonderful girl.  I will do my best to keep you informed while I am there and also Jayme will be posting on the web site:
God bless you all and help us through this.
Gail, Joey and Jayme

And here is a picture of Joey's stump that will be amputated shortly.  Click on the thumbnail for a larger version:


Time for some Spiritual Warfare, folks.  Keep Joey, Jayme and Gail in your prayers.

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