Today Is National Airborne Day
National Airborne Day Part V - Airborne Media Salute

National Airborne Day PArt III - Airborne Bloggers

Please visit these Airborne Qualified bloggers:

Froggy Ruminations (SEAL)
SF Alpha Geek (SF - back from a tour in Afghanistan)
Uncle Jimbo (SF Vet)
JB's Sanctuary (SF Reservist)
Jack Army (SF)
Michael Yon (SF Vet - now an embedded blogger in Iraq)
Thunder Six's 365 and a wakeup (Army in Iraq)
Major Delaplane's Fire Power Forward (Army in Afghanistan)
Bloodspite of Technography and Politburo Diktat (SF Vet)
John Donovan of Argghhh! (Army Vet)
Dogtulosba, ink. (Army Airborne Combat Engineer)
Fred Schoeneman (Army Vet)
Tobacco Joe at Cadillac Tight (Army Vet)
Gold Falcon's Jump Blog (SF Vet)
Francis Marion's Where I Stand (SF Vet)
Airborne Combat Engineer (Army Vet)
American Soldier (Army)
Texas Music (Army Vet)
The Fast Squirrel (SF Vet)
Streams (Army Vet)
Bill Roggio (Army Vet)
Watch Your Six (Army)
Shared Daily (Army Vet)
Alexander the Average (Army OIF/OEF Vet)
Greg, Stuck In Qatar (Army in, well, Qatar)
Right In Raleigh (SF Vet)
 Major Dad 1984 (Army Vet)
Old And Evil (Army Vet)
Assumption of Command (Army OIF)
TBone's War Journal
The Universe and Other Things (Army Vet)

(If you are or know of an Airborne Qualified blogger, email me the link or post it in the comments and I'll add it.)