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Danger En-Abled

Gotten more than twenty emails about Able Danger.  I didn't and don't know LTC Shaffer.  His motives may be suspect as he was disciplined earlier this year.

The info makes me wonder (1) why Richard Clarke didn't include it in his book and (2) if Sandy Berger stuffed it down his pants.

Berger would have known about Able Danger before 9/11 and Clarke probably would have, too, either before or after 9/11 but before publishing his book.  I don't of know any Intel Officer that every spoke highly of Sandy Berger, unless he had a book deal in order to say "Hey, Senator Kerry, pick me to be your next Director of Central Intelligence!

But, really, what you need to know right now to counter the spin and cover, is read what Matthew Heidt has to say at Froggy Ruminations.  The 9/11 Commission, the Pentagon, and the Clinton Admin will be spinning this for awhile.

Is Shaffer telling the truth?  If he is, heads (let's start with the lawyers') should roll.