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The Shepherd and the Seal

Hennesy sends the link to the Time article about the Afghan Shepherd who saved the wounded US Navy Seal that was evading capture by the Taliban and Al Qaeda:

How the Shepherd Saved the SEAL
Exclusive: The tale of an Afghan's amazing rescue of a wounded U.S. commando

A crackle in the brush. That's the sound the Afghan herder recalls hearing as he walked alone through a pine forest last month. When he looked up, he saw an American commando, his legs and shoulder bloodied. The commando pointed his gun at the Afghan. "Maybe he thought I was a Taliban," says the shepherd, Gulab. "I remembered hearing that if an American sticks up his thumb, it is a friendly gesture. So that's what I did." To make sure the message was clear, Gulab lifted his tunic to show the American he wasn't hiding a weapon. He then propped up the wounded commando, and together the pair hobbled down the steep mountain trail to Sabari-Minah, a cluster of adobe-and-wood homes--crossing, for the time being, to safety...

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