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The new FA/22

Tom C. sends some cool photos of the new F/A-22 Raptor in case you haven't seen them before.  The first Raptor (combat-ready...the USAF has some others) was delivered to the USAF last week. 

Dayton Daily News (print version only):

The Air Force's newest warplane, the F/A-22 Raptor, is scheduled to make a flyby at the Vectren Dayton Air Show in July, air show officials said Thursday.

Not yet operational, the stealthy Raptor is the Air Force's most advanced and most expensive fighter jet. The first combat-ready F/A-22 was delivered this week to Langley Air Force Base in Virginia for maintenance training.
The Air Force's Aeronautical Systems Center manages the F/A-22 program at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base...

Click on the thumbnails for larger versions:

Enroute from Marietta to Langley AFB:




Touchdown at Langely: