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Sergeant Bozik - Update 16 - Whitehouse Visit

Sergeant Joey Bozik, with his wife Jayme and mother Gail, met President Bush and Senator Elizabeth Dole.  Here are the details from Gail Bozik plus a request for more prayers as Joey has more tough surgeries ahead of him:

Joey, Jayme and I visited the White House to see President Bush on June 29, 2005 and really enjoyed meeting such a down-to-earth President.  He and Senator Elizabeth Dole really made us feel warm.  President Bush has promised to putt golf balls on the lawn when Joey gets his legs and can walk.  We spent 20 minutes with the President in the Oval Office and  Joey was given a signed golf ball, tie pin and Presidential Coin.  Jayme and I received a Presidential Seal stick pin and I also was given a Presidential Coin and two signed photographs to give to my great friends, Virginia Johns and Alice Butler-Short who dearly love the President.  I told the President about the quilt I am making for Joey and about it getting lost in Germany.  Of course, the President and Vice-President had already signed it at the Correspondent's Dinner on May 30, 2005.  Joey needs your prayers and support.  He is having surgery in mid-August to amputate that ugly knee; then, two weeks later he will have surgery to remove bone growth in the right stump.  I will be leaving soon to be there for a month or more.  God Bless and I will keep you informed.
Gail, Joey and Jayme

Here's a picture of the meeting (click on the thumbnail for the large version of the photo):


So please keep Joey in your thoughts and prayers.  When he's able to walk, I'm sure that President Bush will follow through on his promise to knock a few golf balls around on the White House lawn.  After all, he followed through on his promise to go jogging with Staff Sergeant McNaughton.

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