The uninvited Lt Governor
Back in the Saddle

Rendell to Respond About Funeral Crashing Lt Gov

Jack Kelly, columnist, veteran and all-round good guy, has the scoop today in his first column of the week and on his blog Irish Pennants.

Pennsylvania Gov. "Fast Eddie" Rendell says he plans to apologize for the faux pas his lieutenant governor committed at the funeral of Marine Staff Sgt. Joseph Goodrich...

More at Kelly's blog.

Update:  More at Michelle Malkin's blog.  Michelle speaks for me and for many of you here:

...This is not enough. Where the hell is Knoll to apologize publicly to the family and explain her noxious behavior?..

Update 2: Michelle Malkin receives Knoll's letter of apology to Joseph Goodrich's widow.  Here's part of it:

...As an adored member of your family and one of Pennsylvania’s sons serving with soldiers from across the commonwealth, SSGT Joseph Goodrich, is one of this nation’s heroes...

"One of Pennsylvania's sons"?  Guess that makes the Lieutenant Governor the Wicked Step-Mother...