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Promotions in Afghanistan

Seems like Afghanistan is the theme of the day so here is X of Life in X Minor who was recently promoted to Sergeant:

So here I am.   Another week gone by, another grain of sand passing through the hour-glass.

Only 3 months ago I became a Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO), Sergeant to be exact. Traditionally this is no small feat. Many soldiers work their asses off to get the chance to become a NCO. In my own defense I had to put forth a bit of effort to earn my "stripes" the three Chevrons of the Sergeant.

This is where the soldier begins his career as a leader of men. No longer is he taking orders consistantly. He is now giving them. Those orders must be obeyed and executed in an expedient and professional manner or the mission fails. In the military when the mission fails...people die...

Be sure to read the rest - it'll give you an idea of what the Sergeant Promotions Board is like...

When I became an NCO, my Command Sergeant Major bought me a beer at the NCO club and said, "Welcome to the real Army."

He wasn't trying to offend the efforts of the lower enlisted ranks.  He meant that I was now one of the people that was responsible for making things happen...