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Operation PC

Soldiers' Angels has a new request and need your support to help the wounded at Brooke Army Hospital in San Antonio.

'OPERATION PC for The Wounded'

Soldiers' Angels is proud and honored to join together with Colonel James Riley of the Brooke Army Medical Center on an innovative program to provide our brave HERO's who have been wounded while fighting for us in Iraq or Afghanistan, or one of the many countries where we proudly raise the flag of the United States of America.

From Col. Riley...
Let me tell you what is being offered, and if you can figure out a way to help great. If not, not a problem. The governments lease on our PC's is up. They are great PCs and the company is offering them to anyone for $249. I have attached the PC specs below.  As you know, one of the most frequent comments we get is that the wounded service members want better ways to communicate with their buddies back in Iraq and with all there friends and family while in recovery. I am looking at 2 options.

Looking for someone to help donate/buy:

  • a. Each soldier a PC to take home with him when he leaves
  • b. Buy one PC for every soldier and issue it to his room and it stays in the room.. good for studying too
  • c. I am even trying to figure out a way to buy them and ship them to Iraq to help them out over there to increase their throughput back here.

I have a 1000 of these PC's. In fact.. I have asked the company if it was okay for anyone in your group to buy one or more at that price and they said YES! The cost is $249 plus shipping in that case, but I can box them up for you. You can pay by cashier's check, money order or even a credit card. I can take a personal check ( but I can't ship until the check clears the bank).

If you want to help... let me know.. but the deal for your folks holds even if you don't. Thanks again for your support to our service members..

Here are the specs on the computers:
FSM Leasing is offering employees & contractors the opportunity to purchase one or more of the IBM computers currently being used at BAMC for $249 per machine plus $19.92 Texas sales tax. The total cost per machine is $268.92. You can also purchase JUST an PC without monitor for $199 + tax.  Payment can be made with cash, a money order, a certified check, credit card or a personal check. There will be a $25 fee on any returned checks   The PC will come with a Black IBM CPU and a monitor, a keyboard and a mouse. There will be NO SOFTWARE installed on this equipment, so an operating system would have to be purchased . There is no modem in these machines but they are internet ready.

The Specification of the equipment is:  Pentium 4 , 1.6GHz Processor ,400MHz Front Side Bus; 256MB SDRAM; 40GB Hard Disk Drive; 32MB Video card; 48X CD-ROM 10/100 integrated network; 17" IBM Monitor with integrated speakers, a UPS

If you like I will also get acknowledge cards for individual donors so the receiving soldiers can thank them if we actually give them to the soldier .

Col. James Riley

Soldiers' Angels is very happy to be able to work with Col. Riley in order to facilitate this program and we encourage anyone who is able to help donate to this worthy cause. With your help, we will enable these brave soldiers who have given so much of themselves keep in contact with their friends and comrades back in Iraq or Afghanistan, as well as aid them in preparing for the rest of their lives after dealing with such tragedies.

If you can help, please:

  • Call us at (626) 398-3131
  • Email Don MacKay, Soldiers' Angels General Manager, HERE 

For monetary donations, please mail a check or money order made out to SOLDIERS ANGELS to:

Soldiers' Angels Foundation
1792 East Washington Blvd.
Pasadena, California  91104