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More hatemail

With the latest round of Lt Governors and movie star activists getting their chops busted, I've gotten some really terrible email.  However, I'm not going to post those today.

Instead, I'll post two emails from the field (received yesterday).  We need some positive energy around here.

From Keith in Baghdad:

...I am deployed with boots and have discovered a whole new world of pissed off.  Every day I read your posts and get smarter.  Every day I read your posts and get stronger.  Thanks for your time and service.

From John in Mosul:

greetings from hell    pissed off but motivated, dedicated, educated    good to now that people care    tell you're readers...thank you   my xo says he knows you from...thank you for having my back.

I really should share everyone of these that come through - it might help if you know that you're making a difference.  I know they motivate me.  I  don't post them because, most times, they need to remain private.