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Loss and Anger in Afghanistan

I was on the Hugh Hewitt show last night with LCDR Smash (Navy Reserve), Col (ret) Austin Bay (Army Reserve), Michael Yon (former Special Forces Sergeant), and Matt Heidt of Froggy Ruminations (Navy Seal in the Naval Reserve).  Hugh started the show with Marc Steyn.  That's some amazing company I had.  Unfortunately, we were discussing the downing of the MH-47 in Afghanistan.

You can read the transcript at Radio Blogger.  (For those who are wondering, I never know what I'll be asked about on the radio.  I'm usually just given some general topics - Iraq, Soldiers Angels, the recent combat in Afghanistan etc.)

I spoke about the 160th SOAR (the Nightstalkers) which lost eight people along with the eight SEALS (and maybe four more on the ground), about the United Warrior Survival Fund, and about how Al Qaeda has trained terrorists from Somalia to Afghanistan how to adjust the timing on Rocket Propelled Grenades to take down a helicopter.

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One thing that you should do is visit America Supports You.  Another is donate to Soldiers' Angels or volunteer.   There's a great need right now for help in the hospitals in DC and San Antonio, Texas.  So, if you're in that area and want to be an Angel to our wounded, and are not afraid of committing a lot of time over the next few weeks to help, please contact Soldiers' Angels and volunteer.

And finally, the United Warrior Survival Fund and the Special Operations Warrior Foundation need your help to provide for the spouses and children of our Fallen Heroes.