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Flight of the Fallen


I used to do this routinely but stopped because it's all the same. 

I've had an influx lately of some really hateful and, well, ignorant mail.  Anyone know if my email address has been posted to the DU or something?

Anyway, this is for Harv (who loves to see this stuff because it is soooo dumb).  It's fairly indicative of the hatemail I've gotten over the last week or so:

I'm not opposed to live fire exercises or good physical conditioning.  But the impression I get from these posts is that of unreasoning fanatics who push beyond what is reasonable and necessary.  It's like the military is under control of high school football jocks freaking out on steroids.
What modern army of today relies on marching infantry?  How often do combat troops engage in unarmed hand-to-hand combat?  Seldom.  So what is the point of excessive discipline and exercise?  I'd say it's more oriented to breaking people down mentally than having any real battlefield advantage.  Yep, make those greyhounds run and do push-ups until they keel over, and then make 'em do more.  What bull.  But it sure singles out those are most obedient.
And that's what the military wants.  Obedient, robot-like killers. Slaves who will take it any way their superiors decide to give it to them.  Go off on suicide missions, murder civilians by the hundred, even abuse and kill their own.  I pity the young men who get suckered into this system.  Me, I'll take my freedom.  And please, don't give a bunch of crap about how the military protects my freedom.  The only war my freedom was seriously threatened was WW II.  Everything since has been BS.
And as for the "noble" quality of the US soldier, here's a website featuring testimony of Vietnam vets which hangs that myth out to dry. The American fighting man is one of the dirtiest soldiers ever sent into combat because he is trained to think and act that way by the fruitcakes in charge.

I responded asking if he actually knew anyone in the military and wondered how someone could get such a hateful and skewed view of thing.  His third paragraph sounds like he's describing Hamas or Al Qaeda, doesn't it?

You can email Bob here.  Keep it polite, please.

Update 07-19-05:  Bob responds.  I'll put his email in the Extended Section.

Wow.  Do you KNOW anyone in the military, Bob?

Read the Congressional testimony of the Vietnam vets at the website address and get back to me.
There are both good and bad people in the military.  But the institution is overall unspeakably evil.  Evil minds tend to dominate the system.  I am well acquainted with what goes on in basic training as well.  And that is a sick, sadistic process all by itself.
The system motivates on the basis of fear, not patriotism.  Most insidiously, patriotism is used by those in command as a further instrument of brainwashing.  Everything they do is "patriotic", and therefore, you must be an unpatriotic not to agree with them.
This is a military which fired cluster bombs from artillery into downtown Baghdad at the onset of Operation Iraqi Freedom.  CBUs in a densely populated urban center like Baghdad?  That is morally unacceptable.  A military which killed hundreds, possibly thousands of civilians in bombing raids whose purpose was to take out a few of Saddam's aides.  A military which gunned down numerous civilians who panicked at checkpoints.  A military running torture centers at Gitmo and previously at Abu Ghraib.  That's a lot to answer for.