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Funeral Crasher Apology Accepted

First, the post gazette reports that Knoll appeared in front of television cameras outside of the funeral home during or after the funeral for Staff Sergeant Goodrich.  Follow the link to see a picture of her talking on camera.   But, she and the governor try to make it clear that she was not campaigning or seeking political points...right.

And, of course, Michelle Malkin has more including links to the acceptance of the apology and other news organizations carrying the story.  Including this from the Washington Post:

...Knoll said in her letter that she arrived too late to offer her personal condolences. That rankled Rhonda Goodrich, who said she believed Knoll came to get publicity.

"She didn't have time to be with Amy or Joe's parents, but she made time for the TV cameras," she said. "That's where I'm still a little bitter."...

Me, too.