Rocket Attack Video - PX in Iraq
The Third Rule of War

Support the Paratroopers

There are two requests out there to support Paratroopers.  One is from Sondra K. at Knowledge Is Power - there are some 82nd Airborne Division troopers in Iraq that need support (letters, etc.):

We've been sadly informed that despite all our efforts (mine vis a vis) our 82nd Airborne Division has slipped through our troop support radar somehow in the mad shuffle of paperwork and info transfer.

We have approx. 2000 guys and gals that need our letters and thoughts right now during this hard fought battle and I KNOW we can cover each and every one! Please, peeps....this is VERY important...don't ask why, just DO!

Contact either Stepperg or me for information. We'll forward to the brass and you'll get a reply within a day. Let's get back in gear, folks!

And, relating to a recent rocket attack, there is a need to send support to some troopers in the 173rd Airborne Brigade in Afghanistan.  If you would like to help by sending cards, letters, and care packages, contact Sara for more information.

LTC Delaplane at Fire Power Forward has a post - In the Blink of an Eye - about Bagram, Big Windy and the attack...