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Sergeant Bozik - Update 14

Gail Bozik, Sergeant Jospeh Bozik's mother, sent me the link to this USAToday article about Joey and Jayme Bozik attending the White House Coorespondents Dinner...

'Mission accomplished' for wounded soldier
Chuck Raasch

WASHINGTON — The unfinished quilt was tucked in a bag in back of Army Sgt. Joseph Bozik's wheelchair. The cloth that meant the world to him, the cloth that his mother had sent halfway around the world and back for him.
On the last Saturday night in April, the Boziks had a coming out of sorts for the young couple at the White House Correspondents' Dinner. He confessed to nervousness and excitement. "It's our first night out like this" since the injury, said Bozik, who will turn 27 on May 16, glancing at his wife, who is 25. He had also come with a mission...

His mission was to get the President to sign his hope quilt.  Click on the story link (the article's title) to see what happened.

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