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Rehashing Kerry's Grades and the SF180

Okay.  We're back on the Kerry records thing again. Michelle Malkin has a comprehensive post with links about it.  This SF180 issue will never be cleared up until he signs an SF180 and lists the recipient as an independent journalist or committee, etc. (and not the guy who wrote his bio, for pete's sake).  That is the only way that we could be sure that Kerry or his staff didn't remove documents before passing the records along to the Globe.  However, that'll never happen because the people calling for the signature of the SF180 didn't understand that it makes the records available to the "recipient" on the form - not everybody who wants them.

Next, his grades.  I find it highly amusing that an elitist snob like Kerry was such a mediocre student.  And that was probably with grade inflation, too (which doesn't exist at the University of Chicago...just sayin').  And in political science and French, too.  Mon Dieu!!!