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Raven 42 and Sergeant Leigh Ann Hester

    "When we first started taking fire, I just looked to the right and saw seven or eight guys shooting back at us — muzzle flashes...At first, I shot one guy.  I saw him fall" - Sgt. Leigh Ann Hester, ABC News Report

While I was sans internet-access last week, I received about a hundred emails about Sergeant Hester receiving the Silver Star for her actions during the Ambush captured in the Raven 42 After Action Review complete with video taken by the ambushers as they were dealt with...

I'll point you to other MilBloggers that wrote about Raven 42's awards. 

    John Donovan at Argghhh! (lists the awards, photos, etc. of the whole Raven team)

    Greyhawk at Mudville Gazette (includes a video interview with SGT Hester)

Hester's Silver Star was the first Silver Star awarded to a female since WWII.  While that is significant, the main point of Raven 42 is that Kentucky National Guard MP's protected and defended a convoy, and fought their way through an ambush destroying the enemy.  Raven 42 was led by Sergeants (not Officers) who followed the Non-Commissioned Officer Creed to the letter.

Be sure to read the Creed.  You'll see what I mean.