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More Blackfive and Buzz Patterson

Just a reminder- I'll be Buzz Patterson's guest on RightTalkRadio during the Buzz Cut (on Monday during the 1:00 EST hour).  Here's the teaser for Monday:

Catastrophe: The Clinton Administration(s)! First there was Bill, now there is Hill. Buzz Patterson, former military aide to President Bill Clinton, is joined by NewsMax journalist Carl Limbacher to discuss Bill Clinton's role in 9/11 and the presumptive nomination of Hillary Clinton in 2008. Carl's latest book, 'Hillary's Scheme: Inside the Next Clinton's Ruthless Agenda to Take the White House'  confirms every conservative's worst fears! Milblogging!  Buzz begins a series where he highlights one of the best military bloggers on the scene. Soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines taking to the blogosphere to end run MSM and provide real insight. Today, Buzz interviews one of the best, Matt from Blackfive.net. In another segment of Voices of Soldiers:  Lt Col Greg Kitchens, US Marine Corps, talks with Buzz direct from Baghdad. It's a packed hour of the Buzz Cut, every Monday at 1:00 PM Et/10:00 AM PT, only on  the Rightalk Radio Network.