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SSG Elissa Lonsdale - Soldier, Medic and an Author You Should Know

    "To my FELLOW MEDICS OF THE 501ST FSC, I'm so proud of you guys! I tried to get out of school in the beginning to join you guys but the CG would'nt have it. Well, I have two weeks left of BNCOC and then I'll be there with you. I've heard that I'm on a manifest for the begining of July. Don't be mad when I get over there and I"m all fresh faced and clean! But I will be so glad to be with the ones I've trained with for the last year and a half. Well, take care and see you in a little while. Be Safe! DRINK WATER!!! PS. OUR MOTTO IN BNCOC IS: BE THE STANDARD, KNOW THE STANDARD, DO THE DAMN THING! TAKE CARE!!!" - Message from SGT Elissa Lonsdale on June 9, 2003 to her fellow soldiers on their way to Iraq

Sus sends a link to this Ft. Benning Bayonet story about a Medic and her journal.

Photo by Spc. Eliamar Trapp/The Bayonet

OIF airborne combat medic tells all in memoir

Spc. Eliamar Trapp
Assistant editor

As a small child, Elissa M. Lonsdale climbed trees and threw down her airborne G.I. Joe's. She never imagined she too would one day fall from the sky.

Now a staff sergeant combat medic working in the emergency room at Martin Army Community Hospital, Lonsdale looks back at the memory and laughs, "Who would've thought?"

Lonsdale joined the Army in 1997 as a senior in high school. She was not raised in a military family. The only girl out of five children, Lonsdale shocked her parents.

"At that time, my father was trying to talk my oldest brother into joining the Marines. I wanted to be on my own, travel and prove to myself that I could do it," Lonsdale said. "I surprised them."...

Staff Sergeant Elissa Lonsdale has taken her Operation Iraqi Freedom tour journal of caring for wounded soldiers,  sick Iraqis and even wounded terrorists, and turned it into a book.

She's an excellent Soldier and NCO - por ejemplo, she was accepted to be an instructor at the Airborne School.  That's right.  A. Black. Hat.


Here's SSG Lonsdale's book at Amazon - Blood, Tears, and IV's: A Memoir of a Combat Medic in Operation Iraqi Freedom - it'll be available on July 7th and you can pre-order a copy today.