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Karl Rove Insults Liberals

Yeah, I know that's not a newsflash...that's like saying Howard Dean Insults Conservatives (not surprising either). 

Peter Daou sends an email expressing outrage (you decide if it's manufactured and feigned)...

This is the same Peter quoted in the Chicago Tribune Article about Dick Durbin:

I’ve refrained from jumping into the fray on the Daou Report, and I’ve done my level best to fairly reflect the honest views of bloggers across the political spectrum (whether I agree or not), but Rove’s 9/11 comments are fighting words, and as a proud American, I won’t sit by and take that kind of shit from anyone.

I just posted this: 

[Blackfive edit:  here's the link to Peter's post which is also below]
I'm devoting much of today's report to Karl Rove's vile comments denigrating half of the American public. My office overlooks Ground Zero, and I'm looking at the gaping footprint as I write this. My wife and I were in
New York that day, on our way to the WTC for a morning meeting. A chance phone call dragged on a few minutes too long and most likely saved our lives. I lost friends in the towers, and when I walk past the site, as I do almost every evening, the pain is as real as it was on September 11th, 2001.

I spent my youth in
Beirut during the height of Lebanon's civil war, and I fought the Syrian presence in Lebanon long before the "Cedar Revolution." I watched young boys give their lives and mothers cradle their dying children in blood-soaked arms. I've seen more bloodshed, war, and violence, and shot more guns than most of the 101st Fighting Keyboardists combined. I wouldn't presume to question the strength or dignity of a stranger, and I pity those who blithely push the right=strong, left=weak rhetoric. It says far more about their inadequacies than it does about the target of their scorn. Today, Karl Rove took that rhetoric to a new, filthy low.

I emailed Peter about this and asked:

Do you include MilBlogs in your 101st Keyboardist label?

He responded:

By definition, I consider it a reference to those who DON'T put their own lives on the line but sit in judgment of others. Those who serve or who have immediate family members who do I have far more respect for.


So I just had to point out:

Understood, but that would apply to a lot of Kos contributors too...

Just sayin'...

And Peter responded with a "Fair enough."

Part of the problem I have here is Pete's use of 101st Keyboardists and deference to the Kos.  That's not really a good way to garner sympathy from moderates or conservatives.  Nor is expressing outrage after the Trib quote...

Anyway, here is what Karl Rove said:

"Conservatives saw the savagery of 9/11 in the attacks and prepared for war; liberals saw the savagery of the 9/11 attacks and wanted to prepare indictments and offer therapy and understanding for our attackers."

Well, that's definitely inaccurate as there were more than a few liberals that were behind gearing up for taking down the Taliban.  Sure, there were some that wanted to blame us for the attacks, but I can't think of any major political figure that didn't think that war was an inappropriate response (I could be wrong - Pelosi?) [edit:  I was wrong.  See update below].  That changed for many (but certainly not all)  liberals after awhile.  For the record, I believe it changed before any invasion in Iraq.  It changed when it was politically survivable to deviate from that position - possibly to get back for the "stolen election".  I think that there's a lot of "anything to get Bush" themes from the liberals.

I think they'd throw the military under the bus to lose the war on terror in order to punish Bush for "stealing election one" and getting re-elected.

Back to Daou:  Is this Daou's attempt to blogswarm Karl Rove?  He emailed bloggers which more than likely means "yes".

Time will tell if anyone cares enough to swarm on Rove..."feigned outrage" or not.

Update:  Baldilocks and I both suspect the blogswarm attempt.  Anyone know if this is a first for lefties?

Of course, Michelle Malkin was all over this about 5 hours ago.  And she does have quotes from Congressional Dems wondering why it was our fault we were attacked on 9/11.