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How to Lose A War - Part 3 - More Media Bias

How to Lose A War - Part 2

Beth sends this link to Neptunus Lex.  He has a great post that goes along with my "How to Lose a War" post:

Several months ago I wrote a rather long, somewhat overwrought response to a question about the War on Terror that had been asked of me by a liberal friend: Can we win?

In essence, I concluded that we could win, and that we would, as soon as the enemy realized that we would not be defeated.

But there was a corollary to that conclusion as well, one I left unspoken. One I did not choose to even think upon, so close were we to the results of a national election which had hinged upon the war itself - an election in which a majority of Americans appeared to validate a war president's choices in taking his country to war.

The question was this: Could we lose?...

Be sure to read the whole piece as Lex explores whether or not we have the Will to Win.

Update:  Wendy sends the link to MilBlogger Howdy - a Marine Cobra pilot - who offers up Are We Winning?

...80% of the captured combatants here are foreign.  Most are Saudi.  Go figure.  Most of the 9-11 bombers are Saudi.  Fear vice Free Societies like Saudi Arabia breed dissenters and criminals....ultimately making bad neighbors.  So, we fight here or on United States soil.  See the connection now to 9-11?  Why would they come to fight here?  Hate brings them, hate brought them on 9-11...

And there's more at Hurl's blog - the other Marine Cobra pilot - where he writes about the games being played by politicians and media.  He has a few posts on this.  I agree with him that we need more Michael Yons out there.

Update 2:  Brian A. reminds me that Austin Bay is in the 'stan right now.  He's gone on patrol with an Alaska National Guard unit.