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How To Lose A War

I just heard that Tim Russert on the Meet the Press (I'm paraphrasing) opened with "the American public is against the War on Terror and the halls of Congress are echoing that sentiment".

Is it that way?

Or is it that the  media and the liberals are echoing the talking points of Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, Charlie Rangel etc.?

On Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace (I'm paraphrasing) mentioned that ABC and NBC picked up the Karl Rove statement the day he made it, but did not mention the Durbin statement until Durbin apologized a week later.  CBS never reported the Durbin statement.

There is certainly a full court press against the war right now.  Wretchard at Belmont Club has an excellent post about why setting a timetable is the sign that we're going to lose.

What do you think?

Update:  Manchester Terrier has an interesting comparison of a Congressman's demands and the insurgents requirements.