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Gitmo Menu and the Treatment of the Koran

Rep (R) Duncan Hunter was on Fox News Sunday.  I caught the whole debate as Hunter discussed the treatment of prisoners with Tom Malinowski, a former Clinton Administration Official who now works for Human Rights Watch.

Rep. Hunter was pretty awesome - best line was how on Monday inmates at Gitmo would be dining on Lemon Chicken and Rice Pilaf while our men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan were eating MREs.  I don't think the transcript is up yet.

We are treating the inmates - many of whom killed our troops in the 'stan and include the 20th hijacker from 9/11 - better than we treat many of our troops, our criminals in our prisons, etc.

Malinowski, like most who oppose the administration's detention and interogation methods, used innuendo and a lot of "over-the-top" allegations to make get their point across - "We are the bad guys".  Once the attention was drawn to his cause, he backed down over the fact that there has been no torture at Gitmo.  He also agreed that there hasn't been torture elsewhere but that the methods (using dogs to scare the 20th hijacker) were inhumane.  This is a standard tactic to get attention (ala Amensty International).

There's a blog debate (and minor broohaha) where honor is the topic - but it's based on our treatment of the Koran at Gitmo.  Honor is a wonderful concept when both sides agree to terms - like a duel.

Jack at Random Fate seems to believe that we're not better than those that oppose us and wants Gitmo shut down.  I agree in part that we need to exhibit higher standards than the enemy.  I agree in part that we need to continue to demonstrate our good will.  But I wonder where the line is?  I'm beginning to believe that we'll never find a line.  Sure, we can let the terrorists have open access to Amnesty International.  What will that do?  Do you believe that will help our cause or improve the perception of our honor?  The Red Cross has had access.  Has that helped our cause or increased the perception of our honor?  There'll always be some lawyer, critic or political hack who'll get huge press for outlining a minor abuse and that'll set the Muslim street off again.

Shutting down Gitmo won't solve the image problem.  What are we supposed to do?  The terrorists are already experiencing "fine dining", a world class gym, and an extraordinary demonstration of respect for their religion.  What's next?  A Spa for terrorists?

Of the sixty thousand and so odd captures that we've made, I believe that there are less than a dozen cases stemming from lack of respect for a terrorist's religion.  The terrorists want a religious war and the left wing and the MSM are handing it to them on a silver platter. 

In response, Joe at Cadillac Tight doesn't care much about Koran abuse claims.

BTW, fifteen of the inmates at Abu Ghraib were terrorists who killed my friend Major Mat Schram.  While I abhor the actions of the admin clerk, her idiot MP boyfriend, and others there, you should realize that the worst that we do is put panties on their heads (or for two week, had dogs bark at the 20th hijacker or women interrogators use their "charms").  The worst they do is remove heads of prisoners.  That's no zero sum game and it's not "tit-for-tat".  Far from it...

What do you think about our honor?